Depending on the customer’s needs, we propose the appropriate materials from various types of “CLARINO”, artificial leather produced by Kuraray Co.,Ltd.

“CLARINO” is the best selling artificial leather.

Structure of CLARINO

CLARINO is composed of a non-woven fabric consisting of ultra-fine fibers which are impregnated with polyurethane .
Micro fibers and the space of the fabric matrix that special synthetic fibers have, create the softness and flexibility of CLARINO.


TIRRENINA : Environment-compatible type of artificial leather

Usage exlamples of CLARINO

CLARINO is widely used in both within and outside Japan, utilising its characterisitics; durable, flexible, light, resistant to water,
and easy-care. Following pictures are just an example. It is widely utilized for various uses.
High fasionability, practicality, and durability under abuse and long-term use, are the reasons makes CLARINO widley popular in the world.

Those pictures above are provided by IKETEI CO.,LTD.
IKETEI CO.,LTD. a bag manufacturer in Japan, providing sophisticated and stylish design with high quality of its production. They use the original material CLARINO DUE for their own bland, FUJITAKA.
This material is jointly developed by IKETEI and Kuraray, the leading maker of artificial leather CLARINO. One of the features of this series are made by this CLARINO DUE produced by Kuraray with its muted gloss and deep colors.
Along with FUJITAKA’s sophisticated design, this series offer you a classical image with its finest quality.
More details about FUJITAKA :

Other Uses

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